Breaking out into the world again..

           Erm, now…how do I start….it’s my 2nd blog at present (despite constant abandonment of my previous blog). Now being unfamilliar with the systems of WordPress and such as well as considering the purpose of it’s birth in the midst of all these workloads, starting this blog did not provide much enthusiasm. Well, 1st of all, what input to be included  is a problem itself. Then, its the blur period where I crack my mind to determine the words I use in here when theres internet connection( very hard and limited to connect to the net here you know?) . Mm, utillizing formal language in a blog is also something that’s unfamilliar with me. Phu….but all around, I guess I;d be able to manage the blog quite well…..with some time, ofcourse…haha.

            Well, I’ve never thought that in this hectic season of assignment floods and finals to come that I’d be making my first entry in this blog…or perhaps in other words, to even log in, sign up and start generating my own unique piece on the web. (My previous one had been abandoned now and then, as I have said *hehe) It’s kinda late now too, and my brain’s gonna send a signal to protest of abuse soon. Sometimes I really pity my brain cells for overworking for me in sticking up to life’s tasks in a hope for survival. Being a uni student, things get in a whirl sooner than enough before you could notice. The mountains of assignments, heaps of books to revise, countless stick-ons on the walls to always remind you of miscellanous tasks you need to fulfill. And also, constantly, a matter of food to fill your growling stomach at meal times. How many cells have gone berserk just to work out all these things?? I imagine a factory with nuts and bolts of a watch kinda thing; turning, puffing with the creaky sounds, a sign of loosing performance. *ah choo ah choo ah choo>< yikes, I guess a cold is cathcing up on me soon. God!! I’m going to finish  another half box of tissue…phu, my nose’s gonna kill me. I guess I really have to go take care of my nose. Probably get it a blankee or sumthing?? or a cup of hot ginger tea. It’s really a bad sign when noses start to complain of sickness….you know it…..(if not, get a chance to experience flu and you’ll know. (guess ya won’t like it huh?) haha^^

             Here goes for my first post I think, enough said for a start, at least i had put some thoughts in it bout the blog and my life at present. Kind of a reflection, ain;t it? (*wink)^^


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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